SMASH|the standards. the norm. the expectation. the status quo.
the social etiquette. the politically correct.
the perfec smile. that perfect pose. that perfect hair.

Please don't be perfect - Just be beautifully wonderfully YOU!


who is ash?

THANK YOU for visiting my brand new site, and bearing with me during the "construction process!"

I'm a girl who sees life through her camera lens. I love 'LOVE' and I'm a sucker for big blue eyes, the color gray, & sunsets. I've been blessed with a gorgeous child with perfectly imperfect freckles who despises having her photo taken, & a husband who will love me to the end of the world. I'm fairly convinced I could live happily on See's Candy & champagne, & couldn't imagine a world without mascara & chapstick. I'm passionate nearly to a fault, & a closet hopeless romantic.